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Программное обеспечение микроскопа

Robust and customizable microscope image processing analysis software.

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Каталог программного обеспечения iWorks 2022


iWorks series is a dongle protected microscope software. There are 3 packages and 11 versions separately for the applications of general microscope, hardness tester and measuring microscope.

Multi-focus and image tiling

Multi-focus & Image Tiling

Allows to create automatic composites of continuously captured images, in order to increase field of view and extend depth of focus.

Particle analysis and auto count

Particle Analysis & Auto Count

Сравнительная таблица программного обеспечения iWorks

Fluorescent image merge and dye

Fluorescent Image Merge & Dye

Инструкции iWorks MM

Grain size analysis in metals and alloys

Grain Size Analysis

Grain size analysis in metals and alloys, supports standards ASTM E 112, E 1382, E 1181, E 930, ISO 643, ISO 14250, etc.  

Microscopic analysis spheroidal graphite cast iron

Cast Iron Analysis

Microscopic analysis in spheroidal graphite cast iron. Supports standards ASTM A 247, ASTM E 25671, ISO 945-1, ISO TR 945-2, ISO 16112, etc.

Microscopic analysis in non-metallic inclusions in steel alloys.